• 03-03-2017
  • TS Rachel
  • City:Чикаго
  • Внешность9.5 / 10
  • Сервис таг:9.5 / 10
  • Общение:9.5 / 10
  • Reviewer:byrne
  • Поцелуй:С языком
  • Минет:Без презерватива
  • CIM:Да, глотает
  • Секс:Активный
  • Анал:Да
  • Грудь :Силиконовая
  • Extra Ball:Несколько раз
  • Фото:Реальные


general details
Was on the fence for long time about a visit to a ts did some research and decided if I was going to I should see the best so I called agency and set up visit for weekday evening ..was easy, discreet and very professional. Gotta say, I made perfect choice and it more than exceeded my expectations! Was contacted soon by the one and only Rachel and my Xmas present to myself was perfect
The Juicy Details
Rachel contacted me and we talked for while so we could sort out the details she was easy to talk to and very understanding and accommodating she laughs easily and very intelligent left me filled with nervous anticipation. Drove to her discreet location on scheduled evening, she opened the door and kinda left me speechless. Simply stunning sexy black dress to go with a gorgeous smile. Started dfk two feet inside of door for a bit, then took me downstairs to candle lit room with large mirror next to the bed, next few hours were a blur, like the first time you skydive, sensory overload. Rachel had me undressed and pushed me on the couch in the room and started an incredible blowjob that almost made me cum if I didn't slow her down .Then she said it was her turn and led me to front of mirror and instructed me to remove her panties and told me how she wanted her cock sucked. Did my best with her talking sexy and encouraging me on, and telling me what she was gonna do next. We then rolled onto the bed and made out for a bit til she pulled me to edge of bed and got ready to fuck me … was very gentle and slow at first thought it would be painful, but only slight discomfort at first. Then she leaned forward more…  dfk … before I knew it she was all the way in and pounding my ass telling me how good it felt and that it was hers. Then rolled me over in front on all fours. I could see her in the mirror and fucked me from behind whispering and kissing my ear, grabbing my shoulders and neck and slapping my ass when she grabbed my hips and pulled me back on to her. I started cumming hard and uncontrollably and collapsed forward on the bed .She popped up next to the bed and slid her hard cock into my mouth and stared pumping my face as she massaged my ass and cock with her hand with in few minutes she erupted in my mouth and face! Was incredible feeling all that in the first 40 minutes or so .time went by fast and was a night of firsts for me … cim, rimming, cock rings, toys ,multiple orgasms and few more things I think I forgot. Incredible lady, extremely sexy and very intuitive to what you want. Finished up upstairs with few glasses of water and some home made bread she have earlier baked. Rachel walked me to the door, a kiss goodnight and told me to come back soon …  we would have more fun next time, if that's even possible.




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