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Maria, Индивидуалка.

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In Athens NOW


Hey Guys i'm MARIA ISIS , 20years old soft beautiful skin, 1,80height, 53Kg, waiting for you in a clean and discrete location ...

ALL ages, bi-curious and first timers welcome. If you're looking for an unforgettable encounter with a stunning, super sexy, sweetheart Tgirl, then you have arrived at the right place! As a passionate and caring girl, you'll be delighted by my sensual aura and affinity for intimate pleasures.

I'm super hot ...

I am active and passive and I can be active and dominant or hot passive ... I am up to what you want. I have 22cm very hard and fully functional to give you a good moment with passion and pleasure with lots of HOT MILK.

What ever you wish for i hope it will come true. If you wish to be with me! I'm only phone call away ok! My goal is to pamper you, be the kind of service that discerning gentlemen return to over and over. Always give you the best experience.

My fees are 100% non-negotiable, as one would expect of any professional.


I am ready to make your fantasies come true ... Always nice atmosphere and nice talking, relaxing. Very open mind for try news stuff, all kinds of FANTASIES and FETISHES!


Получайте новости от Maria обо всём, что для вас важно.
  • Пол:Транссексуал
  • Секс. ориентация:Только пассив
  • Возраст:22
  • Локация:
  • Цвет глаз:Коричневый
  • Цвет волос:Чёрный
  • Пенис:22 cm (8.5 in)
  • Грудь:B
  • Инкол:Частный дом / апартаменты
  • Ауткол:Отель или апартаменты
  • Язык:Английский 
  • Португальский 
  • Раса:Латинская
  • Национальность:Бразильянка
  • Рост:180 cm / 5'11"
  • Вес:56 kg (123.46 lb)
  • Тату:Нет
  • Пирсинг:Нет
  • Фетиш:Да
  • Встреча с: Мужчиной

Отзывы (3)


2021-06-16 02:03:42
  • Поцелуй:С языком
  • Минет:Без презерватива
  • CIM:На лицо
  • Секс:Пассивный
  • Анал:Да
  • Грудь :Силиконовая
  • Extra Ball:Один раз
  • Фото:Реальные
  • Дата встречи:2021-06-16
  • Длитель.: 30 мин.
  • Город:Афины
  • Внешность:9.0
  • Сервис таг:9.0
  • Общение:7.5

very nice girl, not great english, patient and keen to please. good blowjob, very sizeable cock that works well - recommended if you like tall girls.-


2021-01-30 10:40:53
  • Поцелуй:С языком
  • Минет:Без презерватива
  • CIM:Сплёвывает
  • Секс:Брутальный
  • Анал:Да
  • Грудь :Силиконовая
  • Extra Ball:Несколько раз
  • Фото:Реальные
  • Дата встречи:2021-01-12
  • Длитель.: 90 мин.
  • Город:Афины
  • Внешность:10.0
  • Сервис таг:10.0
  • Общение:10.0

I had a great time. It's just unique in everything. Very good in the active part, with a lot of power, a lot of dirty words and a lot of milk in the end.
I will definitely see her again winkedwinked


2020-05-13 07:45:41
  • Поцелуй:С языком
  • Минет:Без презерватива
  • CIM:На лицо
  • Секс:Брутальный
  • Анал:Да
  • Грудь :Силиконовая
  • Extra Ball:Не знаю
  • Фото:Реальные
  • Дата встречи:2020-05-08
  • Длитель.: 60 мин.
  • Город:Афины
  • Внешность:9.5
  • Сервис таг:9.5
  • Общение:8.0

The Meeting was easily closed with 2/3 messages in the apartment in Pagrati. Clean space, he offered me a bath, towels and slippers.
Maria is much more beautiful than the photos. Quite feminine and fit. Wonderful body and even more beautiful ass. Her coke is really big and beautiful. He knows how to use it very well and makes you very happy.
She is actively involved and she really likes it. Fuck me as I wanted with strength and with French kisses
In the end, I got her fluids in my mouth.
Maria, we'll talk soon.smilesmile