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Mary Louise , Индивидуалка.

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Base City currently is Minneapolis-But I can travel  and am happy to discuss. Non local hangouts. 

When I was a little girl I went on a trip to the island St. Maarten. Saint Maarten, located in the Caribbean, is cut down the middle by an invisible line. One half, owned by the French, is very prim and proper. Striped umbrellas line perfectly manicured streets as perfectly manicured women peruse the wares sold by freshly laundered vendors. The other half, owned by the Dutch, is quite different. In the intense equatorial sunshine women with braided hair and glistening skin danced with a cold drink in one hand and a man in the other. On the Dutch side of St, Maarten professions and activities that are so human to yearn to experience but have been vilified and outlawed elsewhere for political gain are perfectly legal. Legal and regulated and the joy and pleasure felt by the citizens there was palpable. I remember feeling goosebumps watching people so free- so open. I spent the majority of my life attempting to reconcile the discrepancies In myself between the Dutch and French sides within myself. Educated, mild mannered, soft spoken, aesthetically driven.... The French part of me abhorred the Dutch side, felt shameful about it. The Dutch side; Adventurous, hedonistic, passionate and dare I say, SEXY? Well, the Dutch side desperately wanted to break free from the French... To no longer worry I’d have my wings clipped simply for having the urge to fly. Eventually I figured it out; Yes, and. I can be both! There needn’t be a line drawn bisecting two very different but equally integral parts of who I am! I can be French, Dutch or hail from the the planet Blurg if I damn well want to. I can love sex and have three glasses of wine at lunch while reading Sarte. 

Sending messages like “hey” or “Wya” are just too vague and so are relegated to the bottom of the queue. Put some details into your first message like, when, where if you’re willing to verify with me. Pleasse give at least 2hrs between calling and the time you’re looking for. Its impossible for me to make “NOW” happen. For example; If I know that Im going to be available at 8pm, by the VERY latest, I should message my new friend by 6pm so she has enough time to get ready. Lastly, if you walked into a barbershop, and you saw a man speaking with the barber saying things like “What that number is outrageous!” or, “I know you said my haircut was 30 dollars, but would you do ten if you only cut the left side of my head” or “30 dollars is too much. You do for ten.” - you’d probabky be fairly embarrassed for the man trying to haggle and maybe angry on behalf of the barber. Remember that if you contact me! Logistics aside, lets make the most of this dark and dreary, cold day and say if we cant make a spark and generate some heat!


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