My Seven Inch Secret


So, my name is Sammy, and, yes, I have a penis. It's a nice specimen too. Seven inches long, four and a half inches round at the widest part. It's enough to make even a man jealous. But enough about my cock. (That's fun to say!)

I'm sure you want to know what I look like. It'll help get you off, I'm sure. Well, my hair is very dark black, like night. Lots of people give me compliments on my smoky blue-gray eyes. I like to think i can look into your soul and find your darkest desires. I also like to think that I am your darkest desire. . . . :PI run a mile or so every day, enough to keep the fat off my ass and the thinest, lightest ab-lines on my belly. Through the help of bi-monthly shots, my estrogen levels have exploded my boobs into what I like to think are nice, perky, C's.

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   32 C's to be exactly exact. I got the guys' looks, and I gave them back, but I also flirted with the girls, just to give the guys a reason NOT to touch me. I was always afraid if I got touched by some slack-jawed monkey he would expose my secret and scar my social life forever!

Only my best friend Lacy knows my secret. My first story here is going to recount this time she found out.

Well, she had been BEGGING me to spend the night with her for her birthday. I kept putting her off with "I have homework" or "I'm going to be out of town. " She knew me though, knew I couldn't lie very well to her. She knew something was up, and said she would hate me forever if I didn't come over. Of course, being the awesome person I am, I went. Her party was uneventful. The silver lining of the night was Tyler, her guy friend slash fuck buddy from her old high-school. His body was SLAMMIN'! It really was no wonder she was blowing his junk all over whenever he visited. He made my legs shake just looking at him. His tight shirt showed off his lean, yet sculpted body, and his arms told me he knew how to man-handle a woman. Or my ass.

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  . . . I wished. Well, Lacy knew I had a thing for him, and she liked to tease that she had him whenever she wanted. I was SO jealous.

After she had opened her presents, eaten her cake, and said her thank-you's, I was relieved to see him go out to his car. And horrified when he came back inside with a small duffel bag. My eyes darted to Lacy's, and down to her devilish smile. I knew this was not going to end as I had hoped.

Getting to sleep that night was difficult. The special underwear I have to suppress natural daily erections was uncomfortable to sleep with, and from under my Hello Kitty sleeping bag I undid them. The release on my penis was pleasurable enough to give me a small erection. Nothing to worry about, or so I thought. Lacy, awoken by my rustlings, crept over to my bag and gave me a hug, asking if everything was ok.

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   She only got out a few words of reassurance before her eyes gaped open at the sight of the tent i pitched. She looked at me, first in horror, then. . . in understanding. . . as if she finally knew why I was always so reluctant to do certain things with her. Like tanning, or swimming, or spending the night, or. . . well, you get it.

Anyways, she looked at Tyler sleeping, and to my horror, woke him up. I was so scared, my heart raced beneath my t-shirt. She huddled to his ear and whispered something unintelligible.

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   He looked at her, then at me, then back again, a small countenance of intrigue across his face. She crawled back over to me, a smile across her lips, and she sat on my lap, her perfect body pressing firm on my erect penis, her beautiful curls getting in my face. She whispered to me, so gently and reassuringly, that she had suspected this. I didn't know what to think, all I knew was she was making me harder by the second. Next thing I know, since I was half-stunned by her confession, she had unzipped my sleeping bad and torn off my shirt. Since my underwear was already off, it wasn't hard for her to slip me into her mouth.

I had never had a blow-job before, but I knew it was special. Her eyes looked deeply into mine, like she was excited to have the pleasure to suck my cock. I looked in confusion down at her, and then up at Tyler, who had, surprisingly, began undressing. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he was doing what Lacy wanted. Confused ever more, I looked to her once more. Between deep throats, she explained that she wanted to have a 3some with Tyler and someone else. Like most fucking couples argue, the guy wants 2 girls, where the girl wants 2 guys. I was putting pieces together when suddenly Lacy flipped over and waved her ass to my throbbing cock. I grabbed my boobs in pleasure, then gave myself one good pump before I prodded it into the pussy I wished I had.

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   The sensation that shot up my belly to my chest then to my head was indescribable. She threw herself back and thrust my penis further into her, and she let out the shyest yelp of pleasure before biting her lip and motioning for Tyler to go to her. She licked his soft dick from the base to the tip, ever so slowly until after a few intense moments, she was sucking a hard cock almost as big as mine. I wondered, for a split second, if he was embarrassed tohave a smaller penis than a girl. But to my surprise, she took him out of her mouth and told him to attend to my needs. He agreed and walked behind me, his wet dick fit smoothly between my cheeks as he rubbed it up and down across my asshole. I whispered that I wanted him inside me, and before he gave me what I wanted, Lacy had pulled me out of her and walked to her dresser. She hopped on it and waved me to her, I followed like a happy puppy, I had never felt such feelings, and I needed more. I walked over and she grabbed my breasts, jiggled them and giggled to herself, then brushed my hair out of my face. Leaning up, she nodded to Tyler and he came up behind me, a surprising bottle of lubricant in his hand. As he poured it all over my butt, waving it all over with his hand, he stuck his pinky up my asshole, and I shuddered in pleasure. I plunged myself far into Cassie, and she heaved with pleasure. In no time at all he had the head of his penis ripping apart the walls of my asshole, and I cringed in pain for a moment, which then turned to immense ecstasy as his inched his dick further and further inside me.

As much as I had planned for having a penis enter my body, it was nothing I could truly have prepared for. The pleasure of pump after pump into my ass and pump after pump of my cock going into Lacy's amazingly tight, wet pussy was staggering.

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   I couldn't believe what was happening, which is why I didn't feel myself approaching an orgasm. I shuddered and heaved, my moans stopping and starting until Lacy knew what was happening. She backed up until my cock fell out of her, and she pulled Tyler's throbbing dick out of my ass. She layed down and pulled me to my knees as she ordered Tyler to cum on my face, and for me to cum on hers. I was entranced by her finger dancing her to a powerful orgasm, and the sight drove me to one myself. The cum shot out of me at amazing speed, and landed forcefully on the left side of her face. I didn't have much time to admire this beauty, because shortly afterward Tyler shoved his dick down my throat and produced what felt like twice as much sperm right down my throat. I grabbed my breasts sensually and looked up at him as sexy as I could, and he smiled down at me, then looked at Lacy, panting on the floor.

The rest of the night I got barely any sleep. I fingered my ass almost all night, and Lacy kept gazing at me smiling.

Turns out, she's into me having a penis. She can have cock whenever she wants, instead of only when her fuck-buddy Tyler is in town. I feel like this is the start of something good. .